OFCCP Audits

OFCCP Audits


If You’ve Received A Desk Audit Letter, Urgent Response Is Required.  Call Benchmark To Discuss With No Cost or Obligation (864) 277-8200 

A letter from  letter from the DOL for a Compliance Review or OFCCP Desk Audit requires urgent and immediate attention.  This is especially important because there is generally a 30 day turnaround time and data and related information must be collected immediately. Even so, we find that often a Desk Audit letter sits in a mailroom or on a manager’s desk because the recipient does not understand this level of urgency.

Because of the tight turnaround time, Benchmark advises companies to contact Elaine Smith IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of such a letter because the OFCCP does not allow exceptions to their time requirement and delays may lead to enforcement penalties.  This is extremely important to understand.

                                     Elaine Smith, SPHR  

Clients who work with Benchmark find that we respond with the highest level of urgency to help them quickly interpret and collect data and confirm that appropriate systems are in place to meet compliance requirements and for this review.

We can also work with you even if you have never worked with Benchmark before or if you are concerned about compliance issues or requirements that you have not met.  We generally do not need to come onsite to help you with a desk audit and our prices are affordable.

If You Receive A Letter from the DOL or an OFCCP Compliance Officer, Contact  Benchmark Immediately To Discuss With No Cost Or Obligation  

info@benchmarkoutsourcing.com (864) 277-8200

For More Information Please See Affirmative Action Pages of Benchmark’s Site and Check Out Elaine Smith’s Guide to OFCCP Audits That Was Recently Published